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Our Grange Hall

A  fund was started in 1914 and a building committee was formed for this purpose.  The area for the basement was dugout.  The dirt and rock from the excavation was taken out of the pit by a two-horse draft team.  The L. Suzio Construction Co. was involved with the construction.  The Grange hall was built at the cost of $14,000 in a similar style of other Grange buildings.  Since Meriden Grange was started in 1885, the cornerstone (located at the Southeast corner of the hall) actually reads "1885 - 1925."   The Meriden Grange Hall has been in use since after its completion.  In a postcard published around 1930, the current parking lot was not yet built.  Broad Street is shown as still unpaved and a hitching post is evident in the photo (left).  Close examination and enhancement of the banner above the front entrance reveals  "Grange Fair."

Because Meriden Grange had a membership of 200+ members at the time of the construction (Ref: Lecturer's Program - 1926), there are actually two Ante rooms.  After one enters the front entrance of the building: the main floor Ante Room or cloak room where a double-row of coat hooks are arranged, the 2nd Ante Room located one story up from the main floor Ante Room which has a single row of coat hooks.  The 2nd Ante Room is large enough to be a second meeting room and is heated by the same steam radiator heating system used throughout the building.  The Main Meeting Hall can accomodate more than one-hundred people during a Grange meeting and/or special events.  A raised stage with pull-rope curtain is located on the opposite end of the Main Hall.  The Dining Hall and Kitchen are located on the Ground Floor.  The Grange Dining Hall seating can accomodate 80+ people.

In 2009, before the CT State Grange used Meriden Grange Hall for the 6th Degree ceremony, The CSG paid for improvements in the hall.  This included repair of the curtain, improved lighting and dimmer switches for the stage.

Meriden Grange Hall, circa 1930.  Postcard found on E-Bay. Interior photo of the Main Hall.  Large framed set of pictures (left) is a photo list of Meriden Grange members who were in the US Military during WWII.
Photo of Main Hall viewing the Stage area. 2009 CT State Grange State Session - 6th Degree at Meriden Grange Hall - the decorated Grace's Court with the ladies of the Court in attendance.

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