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Membership & Meetings
Membership Cost: 
$25 per year
Meetings Held: 
7:30:00 PM - 2nd Fridays of Each Month unless otherwise noted

Adult Membership in Meriden Grange is open to anyone from age 14+ years.  Community Granges have a President and Vice-President.  In addition are elected positions for: Lecturer, Steward, Assistant and Lady Assistant Stewards, Chaplain, Treasurer, Secretary, Gatekeeper, The Three Graces (Ceres, Pomona and Flora), and the Executive Committee.  Appointed Committee Chairs include: Membership, Family Activities, Youth, Juniors, Deaf Activities, and Charity.  Meriden Grange also has a position for a Pianist.

 Since 1914, Meriden Grange has been Incorporated.  Members of Meriden Grange are also involved as Directors to oversee the upkeep of Meriden Grange Hall.  Meriden Grange, Inc. also oversees the Meriden Grange Fair. 


Meriden Grange has been involved with a number of community activities:

» Assisting the Meriden Humane Society to collect donations and food for the shelter.  Last year, the Humane Society also had a booth at our Fair.

»  Donated 800 dictionaries to the third graders in the Meriden School system through the "Words For Thirds" program.

»  Individual members donate community service time during the year.

We are constantly looking for new activities within the City of Meriden to help this community.


If you wish to make an inquiry about joining Meriden Grange as a member, go to "Downloads" for an application brochure, and/or go to "Contact Us" and send us a note.

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