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Herbs and Spices

By Michael Relyea

  SEPTEMBER 4, 2011 --

Herbs and Spices

A collection of tips and considerations that may apply to a few herb and spice growers. To help make the most of your herbs and spices you must first familiarize yourself with them.  Familiarize meaning take the time or opportunity to learn just what that particular herb or spice tastes like. Just taste a bit of the herb or a pinch of the spice before you cook with it.

In order to get the full effect of fresh leafy herbs, use a good quantity, hopefully your garden and planter collection have supplied you with an abundance of fresh basil, sage, parsley and cilantro just to name a few. Tip, rosemary leaves can be chewy, dice them up fine or use whole sprigs simmer and discard the sprigs before serving. Cook most of your fresh herbs briefly in your entree. Delicate leaved herbs such as cilantro or basil added to early can rob them of flavor.  Parsley along with rosemary can be put in early on to commingle with the other ingredients in your savory course.

We have all been known to use herbs and spices with out really knowing their combined flavor or effect, this may be something I never out grow, having herbs in the garden, containers and a few drying. I use them as a matter of procedure or practice not always realizing the pungently aromatic, sometimes indelicate contributions the herb or spice contributes to the depth and intricacy of our favorite dishes flavor. Have fun as you mix and mingle your herbs and spices in a new entree, helping to take a bit of the chore out of the conventional supper.


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